Patrice Catanzaro's advice: How to dress for a fetish party?

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The good days come, the crazy parties are announced!

How to dress for the special occasion? How can I choose the perfect outfit?

I do have 25 years of experience in fetish parties and outfits creations for them. This is the reason why I am writing this article to guide you in the choice of your outfits for a fetish party.

What is a fetish party?

It is above all an area of freedom and respect, that is join by people of all ages, who come to live a magical moment without judgment.

Of course, there are BDSM games for those who want, but also people who just want to spend a moment and live their fantasies. The discovery of this universe is always an intriguing moment but, in the end, a wonderful rest.

To participate in these evenings there is a dress code: which one?

The fetish world loves materials like vinyl, wetlook, faux leather, latex, neoprene and leather. The idea is to wear incredible outfits to play the character of your choice, just like in a theatre play.

No limit in the originality and the type of outfit, you are there to please you and live your evening like a fairy tale, and perhaps discover your own fetishism.


Look # 1: The uniform outfit: navy, air force ...

There are three different models of the AKA dress, one made of black vinyl, another made of black wetlook and the last one made of khaki wetlook. This dress is perfect for those women who want to highlight their breasts. It’s very comfortable for the games, thanks to its pressure openings on the front. It perfectly emphasizes the body and hides those small imperfections.


Other options are Marina black wetlook dressOceane neoprene dress or Poppy dress made of faux leather that perfectly hides the small curves of the hips.


Look # 2: For the aficionados, a confident look without compromise.

I suggest you to wear the S vinyl biker jacket matching the Grace wetlook top and Acacia vinyl treggings. Or Ariel faux leather bodysuit from IMPUDIQUE’s Rebelle collection by Charlotte Catanzaro and the Dina treggings with three sliders.


For a sexier look: The Grace red vinyl top matched with the S vinyl leggings, the Angelica sleeveless black vinyl catsuit or the Nerina neoprene dress that will highligth your back and buttocks.


Look # 3: Even sexier ...

Be a glamorous woman wearing the Wendy faux leather basque from Charlotte Catanzaro's Rebelle collection. It will perfectly match with the Plume vinyl skirt. Wear it with Constance vinyl coat, for a complete fetish look.


Seduce wearing a bodysuit or lingerie like, the Ondine neoprene bodysuit, the Gigine vinyl bodysuit, the S vinyl bra with S vinyl thong. You can put on this lingerie the incredible Adela lace shirtdress.


Look # 4: Your first fetish outfit

Your first time, I recommend you to let yourself go and enjoy this moment, knowing that you won’t be judged. For this first occasion I have select for you creations that are more affordable.

The Abys dress is basic but very attractive, it is made of black neoprene, a fabric ultra-stretchable and sheathing, very easy to wear.
The Poussy Cat wetlook long dress, is a great classic and a bestseller, you will be delighted! 
The glamorous and elegant Jazlyn dress has beautiful lace decorations on the bottom and cleavage that will highlight the buttocks and breasts.
For those who want to wear trousers: the Vera wetlook leggings matched with the Jamie neoprene tank top.


Look N ° 5: For you gentlemen

Please make an effort, we do everything we can to make you feel sexy.

For a classic look wear the Joss black wetlook trousers, they are super comfortable, matching the Matis wetlook t-shirt for example or a Paco shirt in wetlook or vinyl.
For those who want a stronger look I recommend you the vinyl catsuit Ross, the Richard leggings with the Johnny faux leather leg harness.


I hope these tips will help you in choosing your outfit. Feel free to post your party photos in the comments below or in our social networks Facebook and Instagram with the hagstags #patricecatanzaro.


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Je suis fan de vos produits que j'achéte actuellement en Pays-Bas. (Je vis en Belgique)
Pourriez-vous me fabriquer un catsuit homme en néoprene comme Kelsy mais en taille homme ou sure mésure? J'ai essayé un Kelsy en XL dans un magasin sans bon resultat. Au contraire j'ai un combinaison Sweety en wetlook en XL et c'st excellent. Voila, pouvez-vous aider?
Bonne journée.

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