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For Women's Day, Charlotte presents the Maison Catanzaro women's team.


Aude, the wife of Patrice Catanzaro but also the manager of the Catanzaro companies.

She and Patrice founded the current company in 2005. Patrice had a name in the fashion world since the 1990s. They have worked hard to make the company famous today.

Since then the business has grown well, and became family-owned with the arrival of Charlotte in 2010. She hopes that Antonella, her daughter, will also join this great family adventure. “It’s not only blood ties that make Maison Catanzaro a family business, it’s also our people,” says Aude. According to her, “our employees are invested and are fighting with us, it is a great chance that we have. "

The part that she likes best about her work “It is talking with our clients during professional exhibitions around the world to see their reactions to the new collections. I also like to discover the new creations of Patrice and Charlotte, they have great ideas and always surprise me as much. That’s what being an artist is! ” What she doesn't like is paperwork. “This isn't really the funniest part, but you have to do it.”

Her favorite collection is Tome 16.2 by PATRICE CATANZARO. “I find her very fashionable, very trendy and at the same time very fetish. I love this subtle mix of materials between vinyl, python, muslin, and this "I can wear my favorite clothes wherever I want"

For her it is difficult to choose her favorite piece, but she prefers “the Ornella pencil skirt, the Ann snake print leggings and the Sweety jumpsuit in faux leather because it is super comfortable, very fashionable and super soft to the touch”


Marielle has been the designer of Maison Catanzaro since 2009.

"When I met Patrice Catanzaro 12 years ago, the fetish universe was not mine but there was an artistic connection that made me want to work with him"

"My job, in collaboration with Charlotte and Patrice, consists of looking for new materials according to trends, drawing and designing models from patronage to development, including gradation and technical files for production"

"What I love most about my job is being able to create, through the design and then the technical reflection of the patronage in order to design and finalize the model. And what I like least is the gradations part."

For Marielle, nothing is simple or complicated, you just have to adapt. She has a preference for models where the fetish world meets ready-to-wear.


Clementine is polyvalent.

Its functions include the management of production, the stock of raw materials and finished products, the management of the manufacturing workshop. The relationship with the contractors, manage the cutting part and control the manufactured parts.

She has been working for Maison Catanzaro since March 2018.

“What I love most about this company is the fact that all product development is done here and not overseas like a lot of brands. The products are tested on all the women volunteers of the company in order to best adapt the models. "

I had the chance to pose during the shooting for the catalog of the Tome 16 collection by Patrice Catanzaro, it was an enriching experience ”.

“What I like least about my job is the quality control of all the parts we make. It is a job that requires a lot of time and care. It’s quite tedious but essential for the quality and the reputation ”

My favorite collection and Impudique’s second collection, Insoumise. But my favorite piece is the Lizzy trikini from the Impudique Rebelle collection ”


Paula is in charge of marketing and communications. She is in charge of the B2C and B2B marketing strategy and of Impudique's social networks. She creates newsletters and does B2B prospecting.

"I have been working for Maison Catanzaro since April 2019, I was hired after my end-of-year internship in business school"

“I knew Patrice Catanzaro's outfits when I was working in a love store in Amsterdam. I applied for Maison Catanzaro because I was drawn to Charlotte's lingerie "

What I love most is working for a family business that makes original and beautiful products with materials that you can't find elsewhere. And also the fact that my tasks are diverse. I have a little trouble writing product descriptions, because words are sometimes very technical and I miss them (I'm Spanish!), Luckily Marielle is overseeing this ”.

“I really like the fishnet pieces from Les P’tites Folies and Impudique lingerie. Especially the new collection which will be unveiled during the year ... "


Marie is a protopypist mechanic, she works in close collaboration with Marielle and has been there from the start with Patrice. “I have been passionate about sewing since I was little.

What I like most is researching assembly techniques for each new product "

"For 15 years, I have seen how Maison Catanzaro is doing, even in the face of the crisis thanks to their original models."

“I don't have a preference for one collection or another. Even though I'm only touching a small part of the process, I'm happy to be part of the design of all of these beautiful products. For Marie, there are no easier or more difficult pieces than others, she likes a challenge.


Angélique is one of the mechanics of the House, she assembles the clothes from start to finish, “That's what I like, not being assigned to a specific task but to all the stages of assembling the garment” In September 2021 she will be working for Maison Catanzaro for 4 years.

"What I like most is creativity, that we don't always do the same thing, even if sometimes it's a bit hard to be on the machine all the time. At the beginning the new models are more complicated, you just have to understand them and thus better understand them.

The easiest to assemble are the Patrice Catanzaro collections, in particular the playsuits and jumpsuits. However, the most difficult are Impudique bras! "


Lysiane joined the team a little over two years ago, she is a production mechanic but also participates in the development of prototypes of Impudique being specialized in lingerie originally. "I got to know Maison Catanzaro at the Salon Internationnal de la Lingerie in Paris in 2018"

“My favorite part about my job is the creative side. On the other hand, I don't really like it when I am assigned to a chain task because it is repetitive. Unlike Angélique, I find it easier to assemble lingerie items than large items such as jumpsuits, because they take up too much space on the machine "

I really like the Impudique line because having studied lingerie I am delighted to work in this world that I love.


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