Maison Catanzaro is an Haute Couture house that creates fetish outfits and luxury lingerie. Since 2012 the company is located in Le Rove, a town located not far from Marseille in the south of France. The creation of the collections, the manufacture and the distribution are done in its headquarter. Furthermore, its office includes its various departments: customer care, sales, logistics, marketing, human resources and finance.
Maison Catanzaro is one of the only couture companies in France to bring together in one place the different stages of a garment, from its creation to its distribution.
A very diverse team of employees work for the company. Occasionally, it welcomes young trainees who want to learn how the fashion industry works. Currently there are any job vacancies but please feel free to send your CV and cover letter. If you are a model or photographer send us your book and tell us your interest.