Patrice Catanzaro

“I am fetishist, yes!”

“Yes, to the extent that I enjoy playing with materials that stick perfectly to the skin and enhance bodies, such as wetlook, vinyl, lycra and lace. The materials I use are exceptional tools thanks to which I seek, above all, to sublimate the Woman.
I am a great Woman's fetishist.
Wetlook, vinyl and lace are the ideal materials to put into practice this authentic cult that I dedicate to Feminine seduction. Spectacular, scenic, they perfectly fit my creations and also give that little touch of “creatures from elsewhere”. The shine of this second skin transforms the Woman who wears my creations into a true jewel of a remarkable beauty. Soft to the touch, lacquer and vinyl are an invitation to caresses that I never get tired of!”

Aware of the importance of materials to nourish fantasies, he prefers an exclusive wetlook lacquered fabric which evokes latex by its shiny side but is very comfortable to wear thanks to its high percentage of elastane and its high breathability.

“I am happy to see that SEXY CHIC fashion has a great influence on fashion in general.
People meet their fantasies, they like to talk with their bodies.
This revelation in the open allows us to always dig deeper into our creativity, to dare to choose the materials and forces us to never compromise in terms of cut, comfort and fall.
I have undoubtedly lived more delicate days, sailing against the current to impose a certain idea of the woman.

I think I was much more of a precursor than an opportunist.
Every day, I feel that I have become more trendy, surfing on this SEXY CHIC wave that is now flirting with the Parisian life.”

Les P'tites Folies

Patrice Catanzaro unveils his collections Les P'tites Folies. Small light dresses that underline the curves of a terribly sensual silhouette and plays of transparency with naughty openings.
The designer is faithful to his style, he never forgets to highlight a cleavage whether it is front or back. It's only the entrance of a charming and seductive collection that will only keep you hungry...


Patrice Catanzaro, the fetish creator of his ladies, creates a collection entirely dedicated to men. The modern-day costume designer at the service of women for many years is once again at the forefront of the fetish scene with his MAN collection.
Fetish clothing for men only, to make women and men flicker with super sexy tops and bottoms. This men's collection made of the designer Patrice Catanzaro's favourite materials (wetlook and vinyl) is a real invitation to touch. How could you resist to these second skin effect materials that are both soft and tight? The MAN collection Patrice Catanzaro plays with time to sculpt bodies.

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