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Collection REBELLE

For this new collection, I have, once again, inspired by women today. Diverse and demanding women who want to satisfy their own eyes. REBEL women who free themselves from clichés and who are eager to be reconciled with their bodies. Moms who are above all these women { I am young mum, but I don’t want sacrifice my women side}. In addition to being IMPUDIQUE you will be REBELLE . Let yourself guided and admire the false leather sets, the black and blue embroideries, the velvet and its silky touch and always the mesh …
Without shame, let go

Collection Insoumise

Impudique is Audacieuse. Impudique is Insoumise.
Impudique is Charlotte Catanzaro.
With this new collection Insoumise,
Ladies, I would like you to kiss the insubordination with your whole body,
to give free rein to your femininity in the most insubordinate of ways,
to let black and sand make you an Insoumise woman who dares to assert herself and expose her most intimate curves.
Gentlemen, be ready to be seduced by your Insoumise woman.
With all my Insoumise-ion