“For 6 days you will work. For 6 years you will sow your land and you will harvest its products. (Book of Exodus)
Scandaleuse is the (forbidden) fruit of my 6th collection. Scandaleuse is the product of six years of work. Scandalous is the coronation of my own exodus, of my emancipation. Six is the perfect number. It symbolizes the harmony, perfection and balance that define/inspire me. Even more, this perfect set extends to the S of Six, Sex, Satan and...Scandal. Through Scandaleuse, I redefine my own rules, I do what I think and I impose myself by giving free rein to my diabolical spirit, without fear of scandalizing.
I am not ashamed.
I am revolting.
I am shocking.
I am... Scandaleuse.
Youngest entrepreneur in the luxury lingerie sector in France, I am Charlotte Catanzaro, the head of Maison Catanzaro. And you, which (Scandalous) woman are you? Ladies let your bodies be caressed and devilish by this Scandalous collection. Join me in marking bodies, hearts and minds.

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