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Maison Catanzaro has been working for THREE generations to make you dream and satisfy your fantasies. The story began a long time ago when Italian immigrants arrived in France. From father and mother who were tailors, Patrice Catanzaro grew up surrounded by incredible women who have nourished his imagination since childhood. Years later, his daughter Charlotte joined the company with the same aspirations and intentions as her father.


The Team during the Catanzaro fashion show at La Chrysalide on December 2.


October: Introducing “Catanzaro Magazine”, A monthly e-version where you will find all the latest Catanzaro news.


We are very pleased to be able to announce that we have been voted "best European lingerie brand of the year" by winning the Xbiz prize in this category. Thank you to all our customers for their loyalty and thank you to our great team who have been working to provide you with quality products for many years.


The sixth Impudique collection “Scandaleuse” by Charlotte Catanzaro. We find two models very different from the usual standards, but so much closer to reality! We are happy to have had diversity on this shoot taken at Château de Sénéguier in the south of France.


On April 21 and 22, La Maison Catanzaro opened its doors to its loyal customers. On this occasion, customers were able to discover the beautiful professions and the people who hide behind her name. Two days of exchanges and shared pleasure, closed with a dinner, and a laudatory speech from Charlotte to her team and to Vincent, her faithful friend and right-hand man.


Transfer of power. On April 18, 2023 Charlotte bought the family business that she helped develop, and became its official owner. She created Impudique for strong women, business women, but unconsciously (or not) it is above all a brand made to her image which was born 6 years ago now. It is in this direction that she will continue to guide Catanzaro creations.


The Baiser Volé collection by Impudique introduces the color Red to the Impudique brand. “Black is black”, but Red is also sexy!


First scarf of the House, designed by Antonella Catanzaro thus marking his introduction into the family business.


The website has a new look.


Charlotte stands in front of the camera wearing her favorite sets from her latest collection: L’Insolente. It’s the second time she models for the company.


Introducing Madame XY collection, ultra feminine and fashionable pieces made for men's bodies.


A collection of timeless models to satisfy customers looking for fetish-fashion outfits; Tome 17 and Les P’tites Folies Volume 11.


Release of the fourth Impudique collection: L’Insolente. Model Barbara Morel showcases the new lingerie, photographed by Patrice Berchery.


Tome 16 and 16.2: To present this collection, the dominatrix Lady Jane was chosen for the catalog. The photos are taken by Patrice Berchery.


Due to the health crisis, the workshop devoted itself for a month and a half to the manufacture of face masks which was given to nursing homes, hospitals, gendarmerie and relatives of employees.


Release of the third collection of Impudique: Rebelle.


To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the launch of Patrice Catanzaro's first collection, Charlotte and Patrice have jointly created the By Night handbag and the My Little Wallet purse.


Tome 15 and 15.2 by Patrice Catanzaro. The photos with model Alexandra Zimny were taken in Las Vegas by photographer Patrice Berchery.


Release of the second collection of Impudique: Insoumise.


The creation of the maisoncatanzaro.com e-commerce site.


Presentation of the first collection of the new luxury lingerie brand Impudique by Charlotte Catanzaro: Audacieuse.


"Since childhood, I have immersed myself in the glitz and glamour, been lulled by the fragrances of fabrics, the feel of textiles...and so many fabulous memories with my father: the canvas prototypes that he brought me where I played being «his princess», his gaze lit up as he organized parades, his Paris studio, which became my theme park, his pin cushion in which I formed a small heart...


My father passed on to me his passion for creation, love of a job well done and the importance of achieving one’s dreams. All that glitters is not gold but may become so through the alchemy of imagination, work and magic ... combined with a touch of madness!


I joined the family adventure 7 years ago and I learned all the workings of this wonderful profession, from handling to production. One thing leading to another, it is completely natural that the artistic direction and the creation of a brand in my image appeared as an obvious choice. Thus I envisioned Impudique, the expression of the nakedness of a dream, without shame and without complex.


Consider it my signature in this world where I already have a name, that of my father, Patrice Catanzaro, and that I tame it today with my first name, Charlotte. Impudique defies the codes of traditional lingerie and conforms to the French Catanzaro house."


Charlotte Catanzaro


Creation of a 100% Latex collection made to measure for the famous Montreal Fetish Weekend.


Charlotte Catanzaro becomes Artistic Director and stylist working with Marielle Giacobbe stylist model maker. Together they create the lingerie brand Impudique of Charlotte Catanzaro.


The Alvina dress becomes one of the best seller of Patrice Catanzaro dresses.


The company moves to its new atelier near Marseille in Le Rove.


Launch of the first collection "Les P’tites Folies de Patrice Catanzaro". Models sold by the thousands in a few months, a huge success!


Parade at Pink Paradise to present Tome 7.


Tome 7 by Patrice Catanzaro: The emblematic collection is born, Patrice collaborates again with the famous Parisian photographer, Christophe Mourthé. A dedication to Maitresse Alexandra who inspired this collection.


Charlotte, the daughter of Patrice Catanzaro, joined the family business when Patrice created the company Cat & Clem in which he financed a young stylist who launched the brand Clementine Little Doll. They released three collections together and collaborated with the photographer Andy Julia.


Marielle Giacobbe joined the company to become the new fashion designer of the Maison at the time of the production of Tome 6.


Photos from Tome 4 with photographer Andy Julia, a particularly quirky and sensual universe.


Second Tome by Patrice Catanzaro: Susan Wayland photographed by Peter Czernich.


Patrice creates the company FPC, sets up his workshop in Marseille in the 16th arrondissement and launches his Volume 1 for Men and Women under the Patrice Catanzaro brand.


Patrice moved to Marseille and started working with the Feeling brand. During this period he collaborated with the photographer Peter W Czernich, founder of the magazine Marquis.


Ouverture de la boutique CAT STYLE rue des Gravilliers à Paris dans laquelle Patrice crée sa collection de corsets et vêtements en Latex et fait des créations sur mesure.

Opening of the CAT STYLE boutique rue des Gravilliers in Paris in which Patrice creates his collection of corsets and latex clothes and makes tailor-made creations.


Festival of eroticism. Brussels.


Patrice Catanzaro Creations unveils his favorite creations during a closing dinner "Le Fetish Opéra" which took place at the Niels in Paris.


Christophe Mourthé photographs the creations of Alternative Plaisir, highlighting the glamorous and sexy woman's side, always dominant.


Patrice creates the company Alternative Plaisir and launches his first 100% fetishist collection "Les Plaisirs de Marlène" and dresses all night in Paris. He collaborates with his friend and photographer Christophe Mourthé Parades in all the popular discotheques; The Bash, the Bains Douches, the Niel's, the Queen, the VIP Room St-Tropez, the Papagayo ... and participates in ready-to-wear and lingerie fairs all over the world.


Patrice was the first to use inverted zips, and two and three-way zips. He took part in developing vinyl at Griffin Maréchal. The Patrice Catanzaro brand becomes famous all over the world. Several collaborations are born, among others a line of corsets with the Cadolle house.


The company moved from Aubervilliers to settle at 1 rue de la Bourse 75002 Paris.


Patrice works in various sectors of fashion, haute couture house, in ready-to-wear, at the Paris trail, in leather and fur.

Année 80

After graduate studies as a fashion designer, Patrice began his career in the 80s at Marinette and Aumont as a costume designer (Opéra de Paris, de Marseille, ballets de Roland Petit, folie bergère, moulin rouge, le milliardair and many others).

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