Magazine Catanzaro

Introducing “MAGAZINE CATANZARO”. A monthly magazine where you will find all the latest Catanzaro news.

008 - MAY 2024

In this edition you will find:
- New website: discover the improvements and the new design
- Lilo and Ornella: trendy pieces
- The Feline dress, several ways to wear it
- Bianca Beauchamp: Who is she?
- Interview Venus O'Hara, the sex vlogger
- 1 year since the change of head of Maison Catanzaro
- The Secretary: A film to watch
- Evening calendar
- Open Days: last opportunity to register

007 - APRIL 2024

In this edition you will find:

- Tome 19: new pieces by Patrice Catanzaro

- How to wear the Kat skirt

- 1 overshirt 3 looks

- Trendy pieces: The Roxy dress and the Foudre bodysuit

- Mademoiselle Jou: Who is she?

- Love Hotel in Paris

- L'Antre des Vices

- Fetish Festival Occitanie

- Munch & Play: The Dissidents

- Evening calendar

- Open doors

- EroSpain in Barcelona

006 - MARCH 2024

In this issue you will find:

- International Women's Rights Day: The Catanzaro women

- Trendy pieces: Cassy and Colombe

- Interview with photographer Patrice Berchery

- Our make-up artist: Maud Tordjman

- Whip, Crop, Flogger or Paddle? We show you the difference

- The expert's opinion: Feessée Artisanale flogger test

- The Métamorph’Ose store

- Instagram contest winners

- The evening of the goddess Sehkmet

- Erofest 2024

- Evening calendar - Come see us

005 - FEBRUARY 2024

In this edition you will find:

- New Impudique pieces: Scandaleuse Act II

- 10 date ideas for Valentine's Day

- A sensual massage: How to do it?

- Red lingerie for Valentine's Day

- Shibari: What is it?

- Interview Faust Shibari

- Fessée Artisanale

- Showcase competition

- Photo competition

- Erotix Brussels: Love and eroticism fair

- Vide Donjon and Munch

- Calendar January and year 2024

- Open doors

004 - JANUARY 2024

In the first issue of the year you will find:


- The Catanzaro fashion show at the Chrysalis

- Winter sale

- How to wear Jill red vinyl trousers

- 1 piece 3 looks: Lannister

- Trendy pieces: black velvet

- Boudoir photographer: Pascal Brizard

- Interview with Vincent

- Accessory of the month: The scarf

- Showcase photo contest

- Valentine's Day photo contest

- Club of the month: L’Antre Des Vices

- A BDSM evening: The Night of the Yokai

- Evening calendar

003 - DECEMBER 2023

Here is what you will find in the third edition of Magazine Catanzaro:


- Shooting Impudique Scandaleuse collection part 2

- Our website celebrates its 5th anniversary

- New holiday collection

- How to wear the Turbulence corset

- The brown wetlook for him

- Nancy and Cassidy: trends of the month

- Gift guide: 9 sexy gift ideas for your partner

- What is a dominatrix?

- Interview with a dominatrix: Lady Jane

- We announce the winner of the photo competition

- Photographer: Celine Andrea

- The “all-over massage gel” from YesforLov

- Red lingerie for the New Year Eve

- The Triskel: BDSM Club

- The Sinners Fetish Party

- December evening calendar

002 - NOVEMBER 2023

The first edition of our magazine was a success. Here is the summary of what you will discover in this month's edition.


- We were at the erotic fair "Erofame" in Hannover

- The Xbiz Europe award elected us “lingerie brand of the year”

- Winter is coming: The Rolo and Aradia trench coats

- How to wear the Vera faux leather leggings

- Soren: 1 tank top 3 looks

- Josie and Eruption, two current trends

- How to dress in a swingers club? We show you

- A fetish afternoon: Les Goûters du Divin Marquis

- November evening calendar

- Boudoir Photographer: Antonello Mori

- The accessory of the moment: gloves

and mittens

- Interview with Clémentine

- Photo contest

- Open doors 2024, we're starting to prepare them!

001 - OCTOBER 2023

Enter the very first issue:


- Presentation of the new Impudique collection: Scandaleuse. We tell you about the location of the shoot, the models, the fabrics used.

- Sexy shapewear! (and yes ladies, it exists!)

- How to wear the Serguei harness

- Fashion advice for you gentlemen: 1 pants 3 looks

- What is a libertine evening?

- Club of the month: La Chrysalide

- Calendar of swingers and BDSM evenings in France, Belgium and Germany.

- Fetish Week by Demonia, come and join the biggest fetish evening in France

- Halloween

- The favorite accessory of the month: the Hood

- Photo contest

- Interview with Marielle Giacobbe, stylist-modelist of the House

- We talk about us: Sex, Love, Eroticism: The French reveal their intimacy. Documentary on M6 not to be missed

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